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Wahl Beard Trimmer Reviews

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WAHL For generations, men and women happen to be introduced the artwork of grooming and hair-styling with the quality products manufactured by the Wahl Corporation. The history with the Wahl Corporation is impressive within its ability to remain a leader since its inception in 1919 and its particular never ending dedication to creating timeless, quality products.

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The impressive Wahl legacy all began with all the invention on the electric clipper by Wahl’s founder Leo J. Wahl. Throughout his years like a high school student as well as while studying to get an engineer in the University of Illinois, Wahl became considering electric motors. Through a large amount of trials and error (and determination!) he succeeded in developing a medical massager while an excellent student he decided to target barbershops. checkout: wahl shaver reviews

It was his time spent in and around those barbershops that sparked the thinking behind inventing an electrical hair clipper. Wahl recognized the needs with the barbers which he met while peddling his massager’s as well as set out to build a reliable, efficient tool that could help the barbers grown their businesses. After a little tweaking as well as a final patent approval, Wahl clippers took over as the standard of grooming in barbershops around the world. read wahl shaver reviews here

Building around the success observed in the professional barbershops, Wahl soon branched out in to the home grooming arena. Wahl soon became known which is still known, as being the worldwide leader in men’s grooming products. The Vac-Clipper, which used a vacuum force to contain just clipped hairs, brow and nose hair clippers, vibrating massager’s and hairstyling tools all-round out the Wahl type of products. checkout: Gaming mouse under 50 dollars

Women’s products were also introduced into your Wahl category of products, such because the line of Lady Wahl shavers along with an innovative curling iron known because Zee Curl. Today the Wahl Corporation also manufactures products for pet grooming, professional grooming tools for barbers and hair stylists, plus an extensive type of massager’s.

Headquartered inside the town of Sterling, Illinois, Wahl employs lots of people worldwide. There are six plants distributed in countries all over the world that currently manufacture the full distinctive line of Wahl products, available in over 150 countries worldwide.

Wahl has truly risen at a small town company into a formidable global presence. With a strong dedication to customer service in addition to product quality and innovation, Wahl continues to be able to turn itself right into a powerful company that holds a standard to get the best products of our lives. also checkout wahls shaver

When you acquire a product bearing the Wahl name, make no mistake- that you are purchasing a sheet of incredibly excellent that will stand quality of time.

While maintaining their time-honored traditions of making and producing high performing clippers and grooming tools, Wahl has stayed committed to offering innovative and modern items which are ideal for the present day man and woman. They have evolved quite a bit from that first cordless clipper and vacuum clipper; the earth will continue to appear to Wahl for your latest and greatest inside grooming world.

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Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer 8685 ReviewThe Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer is among Wahl’s most in-demand items. It can be a powerful, efficient trimmer which is much smaller and lighter than other trimmers. It is recognized for being a breeze to use and continues to be an answer to my prayers. I employed to nick myself nearly every single day with my old trimmer. Since switching for the Peanut, I enjoy a tremendously close shave and possess not one nicked myself or suffered with any kind of skin irritation.

Get an in depth shave in a package

The primary reason that the Peanut clipper/trimmer has gained this kind of intense following is due for the incredible volume of power packed to a petite sized trimmer. Its small size allows you to handle and straightforward to maneuver using a variety of areas of the body (and it’s even great make use of on pets also!)

Trim accurately with 4 attachments to select from. When it comes to grooming, there isn't any one size fits all answer. The Peanut offers 4 different attachments when getting the shave or trim that most closely fits your needs. Having different attachments to select from also means which you’ll be in a position to use the Peanut for years, even though your style and grooming needs change.

Product Specifications:

  1. Product Weight: 4 ounces
  2. Dimensions: 1.8? x 1.8? x 4?
  3. Power Source: A/C Power (corded)
  4. Included Cutting Guides: 4 (1/8? – 1/2?)
  5. Includes: Blade guide, oil, cleaning brush, instructions
  6. Pros in the Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer

The Peanut Classic Trimmer is powerful! The best Wahl beard trimmers have a very strong motor in it, as well as the Peanut isn't exception. Thanks to like a corded model, the Peanut delivers where other designs include fallen flat. Its powerful electric motor delivers a strong, sustained and reliable trimming power.

If you’re trying to find a clipper/trimmer which is easy to take care of, look no further. Other beard trimmers is usually heavy and difficult to utilize, causing irritated and nicked skin with an uneven trim. The Peanut is light, small and straightforward to hold and move.

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The Peanut is great with the whole family. This powerful little trimmer might be used for baby’s first haircut, tidying up the kids’ hairlines before family photos, extending its love to groom the household pet! It’s small size allows it to get used for a selection of purposes with no trouble.

Cons with the Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer

If you are an international traveler, it is best to make note in the only main con on the Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer. Its power cord can just be used in 110-watt outlets. The way to remedy this potential frustrating situation would be to make use of a foreign travel outlet converter. You could also consider purchasing another one from the best beard trimmers: the Wahl Peanut cordless model, and that is battery operated.


Wahl provides a one-year warranty for the Peanut trimmer.

Value for that Money

The Wahl Peanut clipper/trimmer is a superb value for that money. It can be an extremely affordable choice and is usually used by everyone. Compared towards the average price of a barber visit, the Peanut insures itself inside of four uses.

While you’re choosing which trimmer to obtain, it’s a good idea to read many Wahl beard trimmer reviews. Reviews much like the ones written here taught me to be when I was deciding which trimmer to test. Wahl has so many items that are of incredibly good quality at affordable price points, and with generous warranties. I am so glad that I find the Peanut clipper/trimmer; anytime I buy it I’m reminded of the items a great choice I made.

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Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer 9918-6171 reviewThe Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer would be the holy grail of men’s facial grooming products. There is simply nothing else within the market that even compares to this amazing trimmer. I’ve tried on the extender to trim up my sideburns, keep my mustache in order and try out different styles of undesired facial hair.

Trim your beard and mustache with super sharp, precision blades
Anyone that has used a lesser trimmer with dull blades knows the destruction that might be done to one’s face on the hand of an poor quality trimmer. Since I started with all the Groomsman, I have enjoyed the nearest shave of gaming and my skin has thanked me with the sharp, easy to work with blades.

There’s no reason to remember your settings; this trimmer stores your settings rolling around in its memory The Groomsman has 6 different beard settings, as well as store your best for you! This trimmer can be a quality that goes in hand with technology and it’s one among my favorite features.

Product Specifications:

Product Weight: 11.5 ounces
Dimensions: 10.5 x 5 x 4.2 inche
Blade Material: high carbon, precision ground steel
Power Supply: rechargeable battery or while plugged in to the charger (110 Volts)
Pros in the Wahl Groomsman Mustache and Beard Trimmer 9918-6171

Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer 9918-6171If you’re always forgetting to charge your trimmer, the Groomsman may be the perfect choice in your case. After reading many Wahl beard trimmer reviews, I find the Groomsman based for the fact that its charge last up to 2 months. No more wanting to leave my trimmer plugged in after every use.

The ergonomic handle and soft grip with the Groomsman make it very easy to hold and maneuver. Other beard and mustache trimmers might be hard to manage, leading to a poor effect. The Groomsman was made specifically being easy to work with to aid you to get the sharp, clean lines you’re trying to find.

With 6 clipper settings and 3 guide combs, you may create any look you wish. It’s so refreshing to get a trimmer/clipper that really accommodates many men operating kinds of undesired facial hair. There are a great number of different settings and attachments that it’s simple to find anyone to fit your family needs.

Cons in the Wahl Groomsman Mustache and Beard Trimmer 9918-6171

The Groomsman is absolutely only meant for trimming and clipping beards and mustaches. While it works well on sideburns and necklines, it’s definitely not going to work if you wish to shave your mind or other parts of the body. Luckily, the Groomsman does this type of quality job to be a mustache and beard trimmer, you won’t mind the need to switch seem to a different Wahl product to shave larger areas on your own body.


Wahl supplies a 3-year warranty within the Groomsman inside United States.

Value for that Money
The best Wahl beard trimmer, definitely, will be the Groomsman 9918-6171. It is surely an exceptional value for that money in this it provides a high-quality service at reasonable prices. The simplicity of use and comfort of being in a position to use it within the comfort of your own home ensure it is a great value.

I accustomed to put off making barber appointments caused by lack of energy and deficiency of funds. Often I would simply try and groom my beard aware of inferior products, and was always playing a slice face as well as a patchy beard. I’m pleased to report that since I purchased the Wahl Groomsman, days gone by are behind me. I’m now capable of give myself an outstanding, comfortable shave inside my own bathroom for mere pennies about the dollar.

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Wahl Professional Detailer 8290 ReviewFor the man hunting for a high-quality trimmer to make use of at home, the Professional Detailer is often a sure thing. Gone are the days of barbershop appointments or dull, flimsy in the home trimmers. Wahl’s Detailer is usually a top from the line trimmer that could exceed your expectations.

The powerful motor works simply on many hair. We all have different sorts of hair: fine, coarse, balding. The Detailer is usually a powerhouse that has become designed to benefit all hair types in lots of grooming.

Wahl’s sharpest blades protect your skin layer and work almost effortlessly.
There’s nothing worse than shaving using a dull or weak blade. The blade within the Wahl Detailer is really sharp that a face will sigh with relief. No more nicks, no longer razor burn and you’ll be left with a remarkably close shave.

Product Specifications:

Product Weight: 9.6 ounces
Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x 5 inches
Power Supply: A/C Power (corded)
Included Trimming Guides: 3 (1/16? – 1/4?)
Included Accessories: blade guard, oil, cleaning brush, instructions
Pros with the Wahl Professional Detailer 8290

You can shave inside the early morning hours without waking anyone thanks towards the Detailer 8290’s quiet motor. The best Wahl beard trimmer is really quiet you can utilize it anywhere, whenever you want, without disturbing anyone.

The Zero Overlap Tool provides closest shave possible. No other beard or mustache trimmer can compare towards the Detailer once the blades have already been put into place with all the included Zero Overlap Tool. The sharp, smooth blades are gap-free and for that reason easy to work with.

Wahl Professional Detailer 8290 Review 2The Detailer is lightweight and straightforward to maneuver. Barbers and home groomers alike appreciate the size and style and weight in the Detailer. It’s easy to manage, simple to move around and produces seriously impressive results.

Cons in the Wahl Professional Detailer 8290

For some novice users, The Wahl Professional Detailer may appear to require somewhat more rinsing than other trimmers. With the zero-gap blades, hair can appear to get jammed more frequently than with other, less quality trimmers. This is really a really easy issue to remedy and requires forget about than a simple rinse in the faucet before continuing along with your grooming.


The Wahl Professional Detailer is sold with one year, limited manufacturer warranty from Wahl.

Value with the Money

The Wahl Detailer provides each user an incredible bang for his or her buck.It’s my hope that it Wahl beard trimmer review painted a clear picture of how amazing this Detailer is. I have personally used this model no less than several times per week for years in fact it is still going strong. I’ve been very pleased using the quality of my trims and ways in which great my skin feels afterward.

I utilized to suffer from terrible razor burn, now I know it was from my old trimmer. Ever since switching on the Wahl Detailer, my skin feels and appears so much better. Having healthy skin and understanding that I can now maintain my undesired facial hair right in the home make the Detailer incredibly valuable in my experience. It was an exceptionally affordable purchase the other that I wish I had made much sooner.

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Wahl All-in-One 9854-600The Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer can be a powerhouse. The good folks at Wahl have truly considered the gamut of grooming needs and created this trimmer to meet the requirements of them all.

The lithium ion battery holds an electric longer than other trimmers.
The power over this powerful battery will last approximately 10 times over other batteries, without losing its power. It maintains twice the of torque of other rechargeable trimmers.

The All-in-One’s jam-packed trimmer kit meets all your grooming needs. With a trimmer head, shave head, 6 position guide, and 3 guides each with the trimmer and t-blade, this trimmer is an all-in-one for every single need.

Product Specifications:

Product Weight: 15.2 ounces
Dimensions: 3.1 x 5.5 x 10.5 inches
Power Supply: lithium ion battery (rechargeable)
Features: clipper blade, dual shaver, precision detailer, trimmer blade
Pros from the Wahl All-in-One 9854-600

With a good run some time and short charge time, the All-in-One is extremely user-friendly. The best Wahl beard trimmer is one that is certainly ready to go while you are, plus the All-in-One 9854-600 is the fact trimmer. Wahl has grown with all the times and embraced newer technologies to provide this particular battery powered trimmer.

Wahl All-in-One 9854-600 2You is capable of doing much more than beard and mustache grooming using the All-in-One. Let’s admit it, we've more to groom than simply the beard and mustache. This trimmer has attachments that are perfect for brows, nose, neckline, sideburns plus much more. It’s also great to hold around for other family members’ use. This trimmer may be the perfect that you keep on hand for a assortment of grooming needs.

Enjoy more power than other rechargeable trimmers within the market. This All-in-One has the ability to back its are convinced that it’s the sole trimmer you’ll ever need. It has a powerful motor that is certainly designed to clip, trim, shave and groom a wide number of areas easily.

Cons with the Wahl All-in-One 9854-600

The main con from the All-in-One 9854 can also be a pro! Some users dislike the proven fact that there are a great number of attachments and pieces that include this model. What I did is I keep a small plastic basket near to my trimmer inside bathroom and I stash all with the attachments in it. It’s simple to get to, I can find what I need where there aren’t trimmed pieces becoming lost all over my bathroom.


The Wahl All-in-One comes that has a remarkable 5-year guarantee.

Value for that Money

When you are taking the time to take into consideration all on the grooming tools you are getting using the purchase on this All-in-One groomer, you are going to quickly see its incredible value. When looking to find the best Wahl beard trimmer, be sure to take into consideration this Wahl All-in-One trimmer. It’s wonderful to get a single guy or to help keep around to use with the whole family. There’s nothing much better than knowing we’re saving money each and every time we give our boys haircuts within the backyard using this Wahl All-in-One.


Wahl 79300-400 Color ProThe Wahl Color Pro 79300 could be the ideal hair cutting tool for your novice or even for your pro who prefers a color guide versus a numerical cutting gauge. It enables you to remember the desired cut lengths of each and every family member in an an easy task to follow color guide, which means you never need to second guess yourself again.

With a color-coded factor to let you know which length you'll be cutting at, it can be incredibly user-friendly. There is usually a color-coded key printed right for the handpiece that corresponds on the matching color-coded guide attachments. So simple!

The Color Pro is versatile; it functions just as well for the head the way it does for the rest with the body. It’s an ideal choice for your whole family. With super sharp blades along with an easy to carry handle, it’s incredibly effective, comfortable and easy to utilize.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6.2 x 10 inches
  • Blade Material: high carbon stainless steel
  • Grip Type: soft touch
  • Pros with the Wahl Color Pro 79300

The best Wahl beard trimmer is also the most beneficial Wahl haircutting tool! With precision blades and easy to utilize color coded guides, the Color Pro is foolproof.
This could be the ideal tool to keep at your home to meet the grooming needs on the whole family.

While it’s a fantastic beard and mustache trimmer, the Color Pro can also be wonderful at cutting hair and grooming across the body. With a taper attachment and also a wide assortment of guide combs, the Color Pro is skilled at a wide number of grooming tasks.

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 2The accessory kit is extensive! Along while using clipper comes 11 guide combs (which might be color coded for usability,) 2 combs (barber and styling,) scissors, a cleaning brush plus a storage case for doing this all.

Cons on the Wahl Color Pro 79300

The only problem that I found together with the Color Pro was the hard case that is included with it isn’t in truth the right size for that clippers and all sorts of the accessories. What I’ve done is keep a toiletry bag wonderful the attachments and accessories right next towards the hard case that I only maintain the clippers in. This quick and simple solution works perfectly for me personally.


The Wahl Color Pro comes that has a limited 5-year warranty.

Value to the Money

It was while searching for the greatest Wahl beard trimmer that I came upon the Color Pro model, and I am simply thrilled that I did. I am so appreciative that I not need to spend my own time fumbling with the right size cutting comb; I can just glance for your color I want and it’s so simple to find. We take advantage of this on 4 different individuals our family, so it can be an incredible value! The amount that people are saving as an alternative to going on the barbershop is staggering.

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 Wahl Cordless 5537-1801 If you’re searching for a complete facial grooming kit, the Wahl Cordless 5537-1801 will be the kit for you personally. The main seller, the cordless beard trimmer, is included with an amazing package including an ear, nose, brow trimmer and lots of accessories.

5-position guide permits you to trim your beard the best way you wish. We all have various kinds of beards plus a one size fits all trimmer simply won’t work. This Wahl cordless trimmer has countless options, with 5 different guide positions, therefore you’re guaranteed to find the right one.

Keep your entire accessories organized plus in one place thanks to your included organizing dock. This set boasts many accessories and trimmers, which is usually hard to hold track of. Luckily, the fine people at Wahl considered their consumers and included an opportune base to carry it all. No more searching for your perfect cutting guide; as a result of this organizer, things are kept sleek and at your fingertips.

Product Specifications:

Product Weight: 9.6 ounces
Dimensions: 6 x 3.2 x 10.8 inches
Power Source: battery operated (2 AA batteries essential for beard trimmer, 1 AA battery important for ear/nose trimmer. Batteries usually are not included.)
Blade Material: high carbon steel
Bonus: personal trimmer
Pros in the Wahl Cordless 5537-1801

Not only does one get the very best Wahl beard trimmer, however you get a personal ear and nose trimmer and several accessories too! This is a purchase you can make that could do many jobs. With multiple guide combs, trimmers plus more, you’ll have expertly shaped eyebrows, an absolutely trimmed mustache and beard and neat no excess of nose or ear hair on the horizon.

Self-sharpening blades are all to easy to maintain and remain sharp and effective. Some beard and mustache trimmers are clunky to address and have to have a good deal of maintenance. The Wahl Cordless 5537 will be the exception, featuring its easy to address trimmers and amazing blades.

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Wahl Cordless 5537-1801 2Wahl backpacks are safe and comfortable to work with. Sometimes scissors can accidentally nick the epidermis and tweezers might cause an excess volume of pain. Relieve yourself of such worries while using Wahl Cordless 5537-1801 beard trimmer and bonus nose/ear trimmer. Self-sharpening blades are built to glide over the epidermis, and also the ear/nose trimmer won't pull hair or nick for the skin. Every item with this kit is easy to work with, comfortable and effective.

Cons on the Wahl Cordless 5537-1801

The fact the Cordless 5537-1801 does not possess a charger or power cord is the one flaw in this model. Some users discovered their battery life for being less than optimal, but I haven’t faced that issue. The simple solution to this problem is to utilize rechargeable batteries. Although it really is an expense in advance, it will cover itself right away. I attempt to remember to employ a second list of rechargeable batteries all charged and good to go at all times to it’s no big deal in the event the time comes to improve them out.


The Wahl Cordless Battery Operated Beard Trimmer with Bonus Ear, Nose, and Brow Trimmer comes which has a 2-year warranty.

Value for that Money

This grooming set is an amazing value for that money! Wahl beard trimmer reviews throughout the internet echo my sentiments: this cordless trimmer could be the last trimmer you might ever have to purchase. Not only could be the trimmer remarkable, but the indisputable fact that you also receive a lot of accessories along with other groomers within this set makes it an incredible value. This set is, by far and away, the most beneficial value out there which you will find form of hosting clippers and trimmers.